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We are professional proposal managers with 25+ years of experience in all stages and sizes of proposals. Let’s face it: proposals are time consuming. Go Get’s proposal experts will do the work for you, freeing up time you want to be spending on client projects and business development. Trust us to step in and manage the process for you. We will seamlessly integrate into your company and get the job done – on time every time.


Marketing, Business Development and Proposal Training

Are you struggling to create a marketing plan? Have your business development efforts fallen flat? Do you struggle to identify win themes for your proposals? Working together we can help you unleash your best in business development and marketing. We offer targeted training as well as business development and marketing audits and process development.



Anyone can start a play movement where they work. Play engages people and makes them more productive. It also helps them learn and evolve. It makes them more creative. It lets them blow off steam in constructive ways, relieve stress, and re-energize. It helps them discover what they truly enjoy in their work, and how they can find lasting joy and satisfaction in it. It can heal and restore relationships, and help morale recover from economic downturn and layoffs. It can build togetherness and community, strengthening your teams for tough days ahead. Working with our partners, An Hour of Play, we guide your through the process of starting your own play movement.


Customer Experience

How well do you know your clients? Do you want to learn how to find out what your clients value, and how to deliver it? Do you know how to interview a client and be interviewed? We work with innovators in the Client Experience (CX) space, enabling us to help you unleash your customers-as-champions strategy.


The Outcome Based Play Kit Subscription Service

Our subscription service allows us to provide you with on-going support for healthy, team-building play in your workplace. With this service, you will receive a monthly, quarterly or annual package along with an e-zine filled with relevant content from the user community. The package will be tailored to your specific desired outcomes.

  • It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Hilary. I hired her to run a very complex, high dollar value, P3 bid as a Proposal Manager. I was particularly impressed by her ability to effortlessly juggle multiple priorities, to command a room and get people on board, and stay on top of the hugely complex proposal with very tight timelines – all while maintaining a positivity that made her an absolute pleasure to work with. As a team member or a leader, Hilary earns my highest recommendation and would be an asset to any team.

    – Debbie Carreiro, Senior Proposal Manager, Amazon Web Services, Canada

  • Hilary is a very dedicated and professional Proposal Manager that understands intimately the process required for RFQ’s and RFP’s and is able to assimilate sophisticated and complicated documents in a large team environment. Hilary worked as a consultant for Flatiron from Sept 2018 to end of Jan 2019 during a very heavy overflow period and fitted seamlessly within the team and provided strong leadership. She is a valued resource and we appreciate her expertise.

    – Steve Small, VP, Development, Flatiron Construction Corporation

  • I recently used Go+Get to help us through a busy crunch of proposal submissions that were all due at the same time. Hilary was flexible and responsive. She jumped right into the team and was able to quickly catch up on the progress we had already made and then helped the team get our submission across the line. Hilary was professional, dedicated and met every deadline put before her. I would highly recommend Hilary and Go+Get!

    – Isabel Ladeira, Senior Proposal Manager, Dragados Canada, Inc.

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Work at its best is play. Go Get Coaching and Consulting makes achieving your proposal, business development, marketing, team building and customer engagement goals effortless and fun. Get in touch with us today.

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